Training and certification of medium and small companies in Colombia, Ecuador and Panama in Responsible Business Conduct practices: CER-PYME


 Basic information of the project

  • Implementing organizations: Colombian-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce – AHK Colombia and Colombian-Dutch Chamber of Industry and Commerce
  • Implementation countries: Colombia, Ecuador and Panama
  • Implementation period: 09/2020 to 04/2021

Objective of the project

Create a business ecosystem in which large companies that operate under high social, environmental and corporate transparency standards motivate small and medium-sized enterprises in Colombia, Ecuador and Panama to implement good practices of responsible business conduct in the development of their corporate purpose. The project seeks to positively impact 250 small and medium-size companies from different sectors in the three selected countries through the development of training activities, exchange of experiences, transfer of knowledge and advice on key issues such as social and environmental responsibility, gender and corporate transparency, among others.

Main achievements and activities

  • 489 SMEs registered to participate in the project.
  • 326 SMEs completed the self-diagnosis based on the identification of impacts and management gaps in responsible business conduct in SMEs.
  • 246 SMEs participated in training sessions to strengthen their capacities to implement RBC within their business processes.
  • 177 SMEs completed the construction of management models (Roadmap and Action Plan).
  • Development of a RBC self-management model for SMEs.

The project in pictures

 Project video