Management and transparency of Environmental, Social and Governance aspects – ESG


Basic information of the project

  • Implementing organisations: Danish Institute for Human Rights with the support of the Ombudsmen of Peru and Colombia and the OECD National Contact Points in Colombia and Peru
  • Countries of implementation: Colombia and Peru
  • Implementation period: 06/2021 to 05/2022

Objective of the project

Promote a broad review of the Ethos Indicators, aligning them with international ESG references, the OECD Guidelines for Multinationals, and adjusting them to the reality of the participating countries Brazil, Argentina and Chile to generate an information exchange system that generates the commitment of the relevant actors for the evolution of these aspects, as well as the establishment of a public standard to assess the best performance, greater transparency and the best business practices.

In particular:

– Involve relevant strategic audiences (companies, civil society organizations, worker representatives, investors, among others) for the development of the new evaluation and public recognition methodology.

– Support the implementation of responsible business conduct systems for medium-sized and large companies, through the creation of a new ESG evaluation and public recognition methodology.

– Increase the number of companies that evaluate and give transparency to their responsible form of business conduct.

Main achievements & activities

  • Revision of Ethos indicators including the development of a new questionnaire with 3 dimensions (environmental, social and governance) and 45 indicators, 15 per dimension.
  • Adaptation and redesign of the Ethos ESG indicators web platform.
  • Implementation of the new indicators in 45 companies (28 in Brazil, 9 in Argentina and 8 in Chile).
  • Conducted two activities to launch the new Ethos ESG indicators.
  • Implementation of training activities in companies using the new Ethos ESG indicators.

The project in pictures

Project video