Selection process

Applicant organizations will be selected through a 2-stage process.

Stage 1: Applicant organizations must complete a form summarizing the relevant information from the organization submitting the project along with a brief presentation of the project they seek to fund. Based on the information sent in the first application phase, a shortlist of projects will be made that meet the requirements and objectives of the call.

Stage 2: Shortlisted applicant organizations will need to submit a more detailed application. They may also be asked to give a (virtual) presentation on the project for which they require grant funds.

Indicative Schedule




Publication of the 2nd call for proposals


Deadline for submitting proposals – Stage 1


Email notification to pre-selected applicant organizations based on the results of Stage 1


Deadline for submitting proposals – Stage 2


Email notification to winning applicant organizations based on Stage 2 results


Beginning of contracts and financial arrangements. This includes due diligence checks on selected applicant organizations, including financial and government checks.


Start of projects and activities

* Due to the number of applications, and the current context, some dates may vary.

To learn more about the eligibility criteria, application requirements, and selection criteria, carefully review the full terms of this call here.